Rachael Windsong Lawson-Gurevitch (Nightgirl) was born in Cochise County, Arizona. As the first baby girl born to a large Jewish family, she spent significant time in Montreal. In 1987 her parents headed to the beautiful Similkameen Valley, Smalqmix territory, which is still "home." Nightgirl's father was a musician and songwriter and there have been many instruments and mentors to jam with all her life. After attending College in the Kootenays, Rachael became a professional performer in Victoria, hosting events and creating a platform for other musicians with the bones of her music. Heavily influenced by classic jazz, hip hop, and the grunge music of her high-school years, Nightgirl creates captivating vocals backed by warm electric keyboard. With moody bass tones and heavy hooks, the vibes are modern lounge. Adventures of Nightgirl @ bandcamp, youtube, and instagram. Nightgirl Music @ facebook.