Rachael's song writing began after the loss of her father, Mark Gurevitch. Mark wrote and performed original songs, including one for Rachael, moments after she was born. She was truly bred into late night jam sessions and always had a passion for hosting events and forging musical partnerships. Rachael found her singing voice through the process of grieving many things in her life. She was driven to express what was happening around her in words, to reflect her private perspectives and observations through song. Inspired to learn "Red Right Hand - By Nick Cave, and "The Devil's Real" By Chris Smither, Rachael rekindled her childhood love for the keyboard and began performing. Rachael has shared the stage and toured with many notable musicians.


Adventures of Nightgirl features vocals and keyboards. Dark, sadistically sweet, and honest. Nightgirl expresses herself with minor chords and playful reggae rhythms. Deeply influenced by jazz sentiments, and grunge feelings - it's modern and daring, with a sentimental longing.